Dry Scalp Remedies
Mia Wadsworth is a former sufferer of dry and itchy scalp. She managed to cure her condition by utilizing various natural remedies she discovered during her intense research period. Now it’s all laid out for you in this detailed guide to dry, itchy and flaky scalp.

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Dry Itchy Scalp Treatment

How to Take Care of Dry Hair and Hair Loss

Women tend to be more likely to experience a disruption in their lives, both in terms of health, lifestyle, etc. look up. One of them is hair that has always been the center of attention for women and of course the hair is part of the body which requires special care on a regular basis like the other limb. Sometimes there is in part of a woman willing to reach into his pocket deep only for body care, face and hair in the hope her appearance will seem more attractive and pleasing to the eye.

Hair can also be regarded as a symbol of female beauty and handsomeness of men. Men who have a hairstyle that is charming, neat, smooth and fragrant of course the main attraction. But what if the hair becomes a pride plagued by problems such as hair loss and dry hair up to the men to go bald ?? Dry hair tends to fall off easily and the amount of hair loss can be in bulk or a lot.

This is due to the possibility of error in making beauty hair care hair to be reduced, before knowing how to care for dry hair falls out easily, identify in advance the causes of dry hair and loss, as follows:

1. Hair exposed to the direct beam sunlight for a long period of time without protection.

2. How to dry your hair wrong and excessive. For example, use a blow dryer when the hair is still wet after shampooing or combing excessive hair when the hair is dry or wet.

3. Hair that is colored in a long time to make the hair follicles become weakened and easily fragile.

4. The use of chemicals contained in hair care ingredients to be absorbed by excessive hair root and hair follicles that make hair nutritional deficiencies and protein essential for the health and growth of hair.

5. Use a hair dryer with a temperature that is too hot and distance with hair that is too close.

6. terlau often or seldom wash to make hair lose balance.

7. Changes in the body's hormones are not normal.

8. The effect or side effects of the use of certain drugs.

9. While suffering from a peyakit.

10. Living the recovery or the healing of a particular type of disease.

After knowing what causes the hair to become dry and cause hair loss.

Here will be presented How can a good way of treating hair to prevent hair from drying and easy to fall off, including:

1. Stop for a moment of order hair salon

If you frequently do a treatment at the salon to help care for the hair, should be stopped first moment it aims to avoid and prevent the hair from the use of tools which can damage the hair salon as a hair dryer, bouffant, chemicals are often used to mask hair curlers hair and so on. Tersbut tools commonly used for hair care salon with warming temperatures high enough to damage the hair growth so perkembanagan and easier to dry hair which leads to hair fall out easily. Try to treat the hair by hand sndiri and use natural ingredients that is around us, as many natural ingredients that can be used as an alternative best choice for hair care, such as lemon, avocado, lemon and so on. Allow hair to rediscover its beauty and hair can develop optimally.

2. Do not tie your hair while sleeping

Generally makes a woman has long hair, tie your hair often during sleep, in fact this is the wrong way and will only torment the hair so that the hair roots can not breathe properly. Unleash your hair when sleeping and do not tie your hair too tight and avoid tying the hair while sweating. Remove first sweat on the head, after a rather dry hair may be tied. It aims to avoid the hair so as not to stink.

3. Do not wash it every day

Production of oil or oil glands in the scalp every person must be different. There are some people who have high levels of oil in the scalp allowing it to wash it every day, those who had higher levels of oil in the scalp with normal size advised not to wash it every day, just 2 days. That hair is not easy brittle, dull, dry and fall off easily.

4. Do not scratch your scalp when shampooing or when itchy scalp

When we wash sometimes unconsciously scratching your scalp excessively and then later raised the pain and sore scalp. This will make the scalp irritation, reduce hair's natural moisture produced by the scalp.

5. Avoid wash with hot water

Washing with hot water will only make the hair becomes miserable and make hair become damaged, wash and rinse your hair with cold water so that the roots of the hair does not suffer and lose nutrients.

6. Comb hair properly

Combing hair is a simple way that is often done every day of our lives. But those that combing hair in the wrong way. Combing the hair in the hair is still wet circumstances and using tooth comb. Try combing with a wide-toothed comb that hair is not easy to fall off and fragile and do not comb the hair in a state still wet, wet hair tends to be more brittle than the hair in the dry state.

7. Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner or hair that suits your hair type

Use a shampoo that fits the criteria or the type of hair, then apply a wash hair after using hair conditioner or moisturizer. Use a moisturizing conditioner or hair from the middle to the end of the hair, not on the scalp. The purpose of using a hair conditioner or moisturizer to keep hair dry and brittle and not easy to help provide extra nutrients to the scalp.

8. Use a hair mask if the hair is dry and damaged severely enough

If the hair feels dry and damaged enough in a state of severe, use a hair mask of natural ingredients that are made from several types of fruit or mix your own hair mask by hand if not you can also buy in stores or supermarkets. Choose a hair mask out of natural ingredients, such as olive oil, avocado, honey, essential oils and so on.
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